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"Music Is God's Gift To All"

I am so happy that you are a part of this very special studio.  You have so much potential, and I am looking forward to helping and guiding you to beginning  a lifetime of creating and enjoying music.



Charles Fowler (1992)

The Arts are necessary in our lives and in our schools because they:

Teach us divergent, rather than convergent, thinking;

Develop craftsmanship, the ability to apply aesthetics;

 Introduce us to perceptions and understandings we could not acquire any other way;

 Provide us with insight and wisdom, not just information;

 Facilitate human communication within and across cultures;

Help us to define who we are and to articulate our own very special sense of being;

 Characterize their age, distinguishing our relationship to time by showing us as we were yesterday and as we are today, and

 Replenish our spirit, and by nurturing it, consoling it, and inspiring it, restore our humanity.

The Arts are the memory of a people.

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